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Marietta Probate Lawyer

Advocating for Your Rights to Your Loved One’s Property

If there are multiple wills, no trust, or no will at all when your loved one passes away, you could be left battling for your fair share of the inheritance. There can be a wide range of things you will need to do to properly determine the matters of the estate. Working with a competent Marietta estate planning attorney can help ensure you are taking the right steps and that your rights are properly defended. The Farrell Law Firm can provide you with thorough details about what steps you should be taking following your loved one’s passing and what is happening with the court.

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Tips to Help Make Probate Easier

Probate could be easier for you if you:

  • Figure out whether a will was left
  • Determine if the estate needs attention
  • Claim any life insurance policies
  • Were you granted power of attorney?
  • Protect assets
  • Cancel utilities
  • Collect any crucial documents

Steps in the Georgia Probate Process

Probate can be a confusing and time-consuming process that some people try to avoid. While probate is not always necessary, it is common for families to undergo probate if the deceased owned assets solely in his or her name and there is a great deal of uncertainty on how to divvy up the assets.

The probate process in Georgia usually involves:

  • Finding the deceased's will
  • Filing the will with the probate court and your chosen method of probate
  • Creating an inventory of the deceased's assets and debts, and filing a report with the court
  • Paying off the deceased's debts and publishing a notice to creditors in the local newspaper
  • Filing tax returns for the estate
  • Distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries of the estate

The process can be full of obstacles if you are unsure of how to navigate the complex laws and rules of probate. Have a seasoned estate planning lawyer guide you and handle the minute details for you.

Representation for Probate Litigation & Disputes

For many people, probate disputes can be emotional and hard to quickly resolve. These disputes can be made more difficult since they often involve family members or people whom you have a close association with. Having representation from an educated probate lawyer in Marietta can help to resolve these disputes in mediation or in the court.

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At The Farrell Law Firm, it’s our goal to make sure that the legacy of your loved one is properly preserved. We can help you file the proper paperwork with the court to make sure their estate is being properly cared for and advocate on your behalf in litigation. Probate can be a time-consuming process but we can help make it easier for you.

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