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Our Experienced
Estate Planning Attorneys will
Protect Your Family's Future

We Craft Careful &
Creative Estate Plans
To Protect Your Family's Security

Our Experienced
Estate Planning Attorneys will
Protect Your Family's Future

We Craft Careful &
Creative Estate Plans
To Protect Your Family's Security

About our Atlanta estate planning law firm...

Planning Your Legacy and Estate in Georgia?

Our experienced Atlanta estate planning lawyers help preserve your family’s future.

If you are looking to plan the distribution of your estate with a will or trust, dealing with a probate issue or proceeding, or navigating Medicare planning, Atlanta based Farrell Law can help. 

We avoid the cookie cutter approach to estate planning in favor of a customized and tailor-made plan that works for your specific situation. Our estate planning group focuses on:

  • Assuring your wishes are carried out quickly and meticulously.
  • Minimizing your assets’ exposure to risk with a flawless transfer.
  • Protecting the security of your family and heirs.

Led by firm founder John Farrell, our estate planning attorneys fastidiously learn each client’s needs and then develop a customized and precise estate plan to carry out their estate distribution wishes, preferred healthcare directives, and otherwise protect and preserve your wealth.

Whether you need a will, a trust, help with a probate or assistance in avoiding probate all together – our local Atlanta-based lawyers know the ins and outs of creating a turbulence free estate plan.

Our Reputation in Georgia and Estate Planning Practice Areas




Like we were talking to a family member

These are not our words, they are Client Testimonials after working with Farrell Law. They illustrate both past successes and, more importantly, what we at the Farrell Law Firm strive for – every client, every day.

Whether you need a simple will, a living trust, a review of your estate plan, or a from-scratch full estate plan to manage your wealth and assets when you pass, our skilled estate planning attorneys memorialize your wishes using every legal tool with expertise and proficiency.

You spent a lifetime earning and protecting your assets. We spend our professional lives crafting careful and thoughtful planning instruments to reflect and accomplish your wishes regarding those assets.

At the Farrell Law Firm, excellence is our baseline.

Our Georgia and Tennessee practice areas include:

  • Will preparation
  • Estate planning
  • Trust creation
  • Trust administration
  • Probate proceedings
  • Estate administration
  • Powers of attorney
  • Guardianships

Estate Planning

You can count on our capable Atlanta area estate planning lawyers to ensure your final wishes are realized, and to protect your loved ones from the difficulties of passing without a plan. 

We work with you to carefully craft your plan - individualized to your preferences, and adaptable to changing circumstances.  Families are dynamic, as are late in life circumstances. 

At the Farrell Law Firm, our years of experience have taught us to avoid rigid estate planning and instead craft flexible and secure plans.  Work with our detail-oriented experts to enshrine your wishes in a detailed plan. 

Prepare Your Will

When it comes to will preparation, our diligent and dedicated Georgia and Tennessee estate planning attorneys can ensure that your will is as clear as possible and your assets will be distributed to the people you truly want to have them.

At The Farrell Law Firm, we will provide you with the necessary legal guidance to have a straightforward will to guide you through the probate process and leave the assets you have worked hard to generate in the hands of your designated heirs.

Trusts and Trust Administration

A trust is a quintessential tool to provide you with control and security over the dissemination of your assets upon your passing.  A living trust can be made simple, easy, and effective with the assistance of experienced counsel. 

At Farrell Law our team crafts all manner of trusts, including:

  1. Revocable living trusts
  2. Irrevocable living trusts
  3. Children’s Inheritance Trusts
  4. 2503(c) Minor’s Trusts
  5. Asset Protection Trusts
  6. Charitable trusts
  7. Supplemental needs trusts
  8. Special needs trusts

Whatever your plan, and however you wish to execute it, the counsel of a dedicated and experienced attorney can help.

High Conflict Probate Proceedings

Multiple wills in probate?

Invalid trust? Or no will at all threatening your rights when a loved one passes away?

You could be left battling for your fair share of the inheritance. 

There are a wide range of actions you will need to take quickly to properly determine the matters of the estate and protect your right to inherit. Working with an experienced and effective probate attorney can help ensure you are taking the right steps and that your rights are vigorously defended.

The Farrell Law Firm can provide you with detailed and strategic counsel on the steps you should be taking following your loved one’s passing. We can explain complex probate proceedings, and we will capably and aggressively represent you in probate court during this difficult time.

Probate and Estate Administration

Administering an estate or probate administration can be complicated and we are here to help.

Whether your loved one passed with a will or a trust, you may be left as an administrator or executor navigating the distribution of assets for the first time. 

Securing the assistance of capable counsel to assist you in understanding your duties as estate representative or administrator can help ensure timely and effective execution of those duties. 

The Farrell Law team walks you through this process, step by step, and we can help ease the burden of those responsibilities while empowering you to carry through the wishes of your family member or loved one.

Powers of Attorney

Our experienced and compassionate Atlanta estate planning lawyers will help ensure that your power of attorney is properly granted to a person you appoint to take charge of your affairs.

In the event that you become incapacitated or are no longer able to care for yourself, you are empowered to designate someone you trust to take care of your finances and other affairs. The Farrell Law Firm can guide you through the process of establishing the power of attorney and other estate planning documents.

Act Now to Protect Your Family’s Future and Assure Your Legacy

We want to give you the peace of mind knowing your assets and wealth will pass according to your wishes – with no confusion and nominal or no intervention.

We are local Georgia and Tennessee, experienced, and accomplished estate planning and litigation lawyers. Over the decades our practice has grown through referrals of satisfied clients, referrals from other lawyers who know how to find the best estate planning lawyers in Georgia and Tennessee, and from the community where our reputation speaks for itself.

Count on the Farrell Law Firm experience, confidentiality, and client-focused service.