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Benefits of Creating an Estate Plan

Protect Your Family, Assets & Future with Our Marietta Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is often misunderstood as something only the wealthiest of families should have. In reality, everyone in Georgia can benefit from having an estate plan, whether you have a large estate or a modest one.

An estate plan can do many things, such as:

  • Pass on your assets and properties to the people you want, rather than having the court decide that for you.
  • Provide for loved ones with special needs without interrupting their government benefits.
  • Decide how your businesses will be transferred if you are disabled or upon death.
  • Appoint guardians for minor children so that you know they are in the right hands.
  • Plan for disability or incapacity, including stating your preferences in end-of-life situations.
  • Support a charity that you are passionate about with assets from your estate.
  • Minimize unnecessary taxes on your estate so more of your assets are passed on to your loved ones.

As you can see, an estate plan can not only preserve your lifetime’s work, but also help ease the burden off of your family and minimize potential conflicts between your loved ones. Attaining peace of mind and reassurance for life’s uncertainties is invaluable.

What Documents Should I Include in My Estate Plan?

No two estate plans are alike. Each estate plan can be customized to fit your unique needs and goals while addressing specific concerns regarding your estate.

Common estate planning documents can include:

A Marietta estate planning attorney can review your situation and help you determine which documents you need, and how to leverage them to provide the most complete protections possible.

Let’s Discuss Your Estate Planning Goals

Start thinking about your future and your legacy today. Estate planning is an ongoing process that requires regular updates as you go through major changes in life, such as divorce or a new birth. Not only do family situations change regularly, but so do estate laws. You want to make sure that your estate plan is current, legally binding, and reflects your goals.

At The Farrell Law Firm, PC, we have an experienced estate planning lawyer in Marietta who is ready to help you design an estate plan that is right for you. We can review your options with you and discuss ways to protect you and your family.

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